Marshland Service Centre,

Arlington Farm,

Middle Drove,

Marshland St James,


PE14 8JP


open monday-friday 8.00am-5.00pm
open saturday 7.30am-11.00am apP only

Proud to be Supporting

01945 430 923

Marshland Service Centre plays a big part in fundraising for charity.

As of late members of the team have played a huge part in raising funds for charities all over the uk.

To date Marshland service centre has done Fun Runs, Marathons, Singles Nights, and so much more.

Dedicating every bit of spare time they have to charity is a huge task to take on whilst operating a very busy workshop.

Below are a few pictures from Marshland Service Centre demonstrating some charity work they have been involved in.

Also below is a link to the latest charity fundraiser, or you can click the banner above, If you can please donate.

Thank you for supporting Marshland Service Centre and the charities we raise funds for.